Which Kind of Pillow Should You Get Next?

Can you tell when it’s time for a pillow upgrade? It’s when your old one stops being springy or when it’s become irreversibly stained and stinky. Regardless, pillows wear out after 18 months to three years. After all, you’re using them for several hours every night.

Which Kind of Pillow Should You Get Next?

It’s worth it to choose a comfortable pillow because it helps you sleep restfully. For example, the best pillows for neck pain all have one trait in common. They keep your cervical spine aligned. But they are made of all sorts of different fillings. That’s where you’ll have to decide which is the most comfortable for you.

When you begin shopping for a new pillow, you’ll find there are many options available. Perhaps you love the softness of down for sleeping on your back. On the other hand, side sleepers might prefer the firm support of memory foam or even buckwheat.

Persons with allergies sleep better on hypoallergenic filling like down alternative. But some prefer latex foam. Either way, both of these materials protect against bacteria, mold, and dust mites.

Generally speaking, down and down alternative make for the softest and fluffiest pillows. Next are latex and shredded memory foam for their springiness. Finally, solid core memory foam is the most supportive.

But besides firmness, there’s also the heat factor. If you don’t like to sleep with a warm pillow, look for foam infused with gel. You might also enjoy down or synthetic filling instead of foam.

When you look at down pillows, consider the fill power and the thread count. You’ll want at least 600 fill power for a medium-firm pillow. And the higher the thread count, the less you’ll feel the texture of the down inside.

In conclusion, if you have trouble deciding, choose a pillow that comes with a free trial period. Then you’ll have time to try it at home. Besides, you can never have too many pillows!