What Kind Of Pest Control Company

Thinks They Know the First Thing About Fashion???

Bed bugs took a bite out of many headlines last summer. But instead of being back in the flesh, what if they came back…in style [literally]? To satisfy all of your bed bug-themed outerwear needs, look no further than Funny Bed Bug T-shirts. This collection of tees is the brainchild of M&M Environmental, a Lower East Side-based pest control company, and was born out of the realization of just how difficult the introduction of bed bugs has been to our “social landscape” (i.e. DATING). Being no stranger to fashion, M&M has appeared in New YorkMagazine’s The Cut, Racked NY and even contributed an entry to the CFDA‘s “From the Experts” column. So say it loud, say it proud with funny bed bug-themed t-shirts!